Wednesday, December 6, 2017

#BeneFaves Voxbox #Influenster

Ola Beauties!

I recently received a complimentary voxbox from Influenster with some Benefit Cosmetic goodies!

I was so excited to receive this box, I have been in voxbox campaigns before, but this one I was super pumped. Benefit is a brand that is a hit or miss for me. However, there are products I do enjoy from them.

So in this box I received:
1 Full size They're Real Mascara
1 Full size Ka Brow
1 Sample size of the POREfessional
1 Sample size of the Hoola Bronzer

So, I have already gone through a couple of larger sizes of the POREfessional, and I always told you all on my Channel, I enjoy that primer as a pore filler. Very silicon feel, only need to use small amounts in areas you only need to reduce look of pores.

The Hoola Bronzer, I know everyone goes nuts over, everyone but me. Not my fave bronzer ONLY because its not dark enough for my darker skin. I have olive tan complexion, in the summer I get super dark, in the winter when I self tan, it looks like I went away. This bronzer does bupkis for my skin. So this one was a dud for me.

The KA Brow is FANSTASTIC! I have my days where I like a bold brow, this is just so easy to use, and travel with. AND the brush applicator the product comes with, makes it so easy and quick to get your brows on to look remotely normal. LOVE THIS PRODUCT! P.s. this stuff stays on until you remove it at night, and you need a oil based remover to get it off. I have to say a very solid product. This formula is a bit on the stiffer side but I like that only because it makes better control where you put the product.

The They're Real mascara is not bad. I am not a super fan of the rubberized wand, but it coats my lashes and lifts them enough to prep them for falsies. I would say this mascara is not a good one for volume. It is more for length. Not a terrible product, just not my fave mascara. For the price of it I would rather go to the drug store and one there for cheaper and for one I know I love.

Monday, December 4, 2017

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Shiseido Synchro Skin Long Lasting Foundation Review

Hello to my fellow beauties. Today's product review is a foundation that was sent to me complimentary from Influenster for review purposes.

The Shiseido synchro skin long lasting foundation is a new formula inspired from Japanese beauty culture, made in Japan. This product claims the following:

  • Long lasting finish
  • Full coverage
  • Eliminates dullness with vibrant foundation
  • Provides all day wear
  • Price is $58 Canadian / 1 Fl Oz
 After testing and using this product out on myself here are my thoughts:

  • Formula is a very watery based consistency, lasting power on my skin (oily combo) was not long
  • Coverage is light to medium, can be build able BUT it will begin to look cakey
  • This foundation made my skin look more dull then vibrant. 
  • Clings to dry patches I didn't know I had, which is odd for a water base formula.
  • Broke me out instantly with in hours of wear
  • Did not cover my redness, had to use a heavy duty concealer to hide redness (Note a good foundation will not need you to use a heavy concealer)
For the price of this foundation my final thoughts are, if your going to spend $60 on a foundation which is pricey it needs to work for you.
This foundation I see would work for those people who have perfect skin with no issues (IE: Redness, acne etc) That is not me unfortunately LOL
Not my favorite formula, your best bet is to ask for a sample first to try it before making the huge money plunge.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kat Von D Saint & Sinner

Hello yall

Influenster sent me another voxbox complimentary with Kat Von D Beauty's re released fragrance Saint and Sinner.

Two small vials of perfume are the cutest little bottles.

After using them both here are my thoughts:

1. Saint
- Love this perfume for day time use, its light, airy, sweet with a touch floral notes. Love for day time and lasts all day on the skin.

2. Sinner
- I also love this perfume, but I enjoy it more for evening wear on special occasions. This is a more spicy sweet scent, and its very strong, a little goes a long way, but it last long on the skin which I appreciate.

Would I consider to purchase in full size?
- The answer is yes I would, BUT I would wait until the VIB sales at sephora to get the discount because these perfumes are hella espensive (Kathleen Lights accent)


Bite Beauty Amuse Bouch liquid lips

Hi Yall,

So Influenster sent me a Bite Beauty voxbox with their new liquid lipsticks complimentary for review.

They sent three gorgeous shades, a wearable pink, a grungy brown, and a gorgeous red.

After testing these babies out my thoughts on them are plain simple. They are a comfortable creamy formula, not long wearing, very pigmented, and they smell good.

Now if you don't know Bite Beauty is known to make their lip products with all grade A ingredients that's safe to eat.

 If you are one who does not mind about reapplying the product after you eat and drink then I say these are great!

If you are one who prefers a matte formula that lasts all day, well...then I say maybe steer away from these ones.

All in all they are a nice product, but what it boils down to is if you prefer a matte formula or creamy formula. You make that choice.


Colors below are: Demi-Glace, Flambe and Eclair

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Affordable Skin Care

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Beauty/Makeup Goals June 2017

Hello to my readers! We are in June half way through the year. I wanted to touch point on my makeup inventory and show you my progress.

Keep in mind some categories have increased by a couple due to my restock on products, however make no mistake I still did finish products or moved out products in my collection over the course of these 6 months.

*indicates on categories I will be focusing more on this next half of the year
1. Foundation 14/14*
2. BB/CC Cream 4/2
3. Concealer 13/13*
4. Single Face Powder 7/6
5. Single Bronzer 12/11
6. Lipgloss 10/17*
7. Face Primer 4/4
8. Eye Primer (includes paint pots) 8/7
9. Eyeliner 38 */ 33
10. Lipliner 47 */ 51*
11. Mascara 12/11
12. Brow Products 5/8
13. Lip Balms 22 */19*
14. Single Blushes 25/ 24 
15. Lipsticks (reg and liquid) 135 */124
16. Highlighter 20/20
17. Nailpolish 213 */ 169
18. Body Lotion 40*/ 35*
19. Body Wash 9/ 6
20. Face Moisturizer 13 */ 14*
21. Facial Cleansers/Scrubs 13 */ 17*
22. Eye makeup remover 4/ 7
23. Makeup Remover wipes 9/ 10
24. Shampoo 8 */ 6
25. Conditioner 5 */ 4
26. Hair Masks 10 */ 7
27. Hair Serum 3/2
28. Hair Leave in conditioner 3/ 3
29. Lashes 5 / 15+ 
30. Hair oil 3/ 3
31. Hair Heat Protectant 1/1
32. Hair Spray 2/2
33. Hair Moose 2/2
34. Hair Curl Cream 1/1
35. Dry Shampoo 6/6*
36. Body Spray 4/3
37. Hand Soap 14/9
38. Perfume 6/5
39. Deoderant 7/7*
40. Palettes 44/ 45
41. Face Serum/Oil 12 */ 6
42. Eye Cream 3/ 3
43. Face Masks 30 */ 25*
44. Candles 9/ 2
45. Face Illuminators 3/1
46. Body Scrubs 3/ 5
47. Face Contour Palette 4/ 4

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Foreo vs Clarisonic ~ My Thoughts